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21-Day TikTok Content Calendar

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TikTok Post: Quick Tip

Day 1

Share a quick, helpful tip related to your niche. Keep it under 30 seconds for maximum engagement.

TikTok Post: Behind the Scenes

Day 3

Give your followers a sneak peek of your workspace or a project you're working on. People love seeing the process.

TikTok Post: Challenge Participation

Day 6

Participate in a trending challenge on TikTok, making sure it aligns with your brand or personal image.

TikTok Post: Quick Tip

Day 8

Another quick tip related to your niche. Consider creating a series if the first one performs well.

TikTok Post: Q&A Session

Day 10

Answer frequently asked questions or respond to a few comments from your previous posts.

TikTok Post: Collaboration

Day 13

Collaborate with another TikToker. This could be a duet, a joint project, or simply promoting each other's content.

TikTok Post: Quick Tip

Day 15

Share another valuable tip. Try to add a creative twist to keep your audience engaged.

TikTok Post: User-Generated Content

Day 17

Feature content made by your followers or customers. Make sure to get their permission first!

TikTok Post: How-to Video

Day 20

Create a short tutorial related to your niche. Educational content can perform very well on TikTok.

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