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Baby's First Year Monthly Photo Reminder

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Baby's 1-month photo

Day 1

Capture your baby's tiny details - fingers, toes, and sleepy smiles. Consider a simple white onesie as a prop to emphasize her size and growth.


Baby's 2-month photo

Day 31

Document her first real smiles. Using a colorful blanket as a backdrop can add contrast and highlight her expressions.


Baby's 3-month photo

Day 62

Time for tummy time shots. Capture her head lifts and curious glances. A mirror as a prop can create engaging and adorable reflections.


Baby's 4-month photo

Day 92

Capture the baby interacting with toys. Bright, sensory toys that she can grasp will show her developing interaction with the world.


Baby's 5-month photo

Day 123

It's all about textures. Surround her with different fabrics or a fluffy blanket to capture her reactions to new sensations.


Baby's 6-month photo

Day 154

Sit-up portraits. Support her in a sitting position with colorful cushions for a cute and proud posture shot.


Baby's 7-month photo

Day 184

Introduce solids. Capture her first reactions to different tastes and textures with close-up shots of her facial expressions.


Baby's 8-month photo

Day 215

Crawling moments. Get down on her level to capture her mobility and exploration. Soft, safe spaces with minimal props are best.


Baby's 9-month photo

Day 245

Standing with support. Capture her pulling up on furniture or your hands, showcasing her growing strength and mobility.


Baby's 10-month photo

Day 276

Personality shots. By now, her personality is shining through. Capture her laughter, curiosity, and any funny faces she makes.


Baby's 11-month photo

Day 307

Outdoor adventure. If the weather allows, take her outside for a natural backdrop and document her interaction with nature.


Baby's 1-year photo

Day 335

First birthday celebration. Mark this milestone with a cake smash or a special outfit. Capture her joy and the celebration around her.

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