🧹 Quarterly home deep cleaning
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Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative

🧹 Quarterly home deep cleaning

Everything you need to remember to do when giving your home a deep clean each quarter.

  • 12 tasks
  • 9 hours


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  • 🧹 Deep clean your sink

    Give your sink a deep clean with bleach cleaner or other antibacterial cleaning agent. Replace or microwave your sponges for at least 45 seconds to kill all germs. If you want extra points, clean your garbage disposal. Here's how: https://link.joinarrange.com/homeimprovement_garbagedisposalcleaning

    • 30m
    • 0 weeks after
  • 🧹 Clean your oven, range, and hood vent

    Ovens can often be cleaned with a self clean mode to get rid of grease and grime that make it unsafe. The longer you go without cleaning out your range's filters, the less effective they are at trapping grease and smoke. Here's a tutorial on how to do it: https://link.joinarrange.com/homeimprovement_deepcleanrangehood

    • 30m
    • 1 week after
  • 🧹 Clean your vents and HVAC system

    Dirty air ducts can lead to a host of health problems, but quarterly maintenance can go a long way to keeping dust and air pollutants in check. Replace air filters every 90 days. If you see anything resembling mold, call in a professional. Otherwise, your vacuum and paper towels can do a good job. Here's how to clean them: https://link.joinarrange.com/quarterlyhomedeepclean_airductcleaning

    • 60m
    • 2 weeks after
  • 🧹 Clean your windows and screens

    Nothing says clean like a gleaming window. Clean both the interior and exterior of windows that you can easily reach. Don't forget to clean the screens as well. Here's how: https://link.joinarrange.com/quarterlyhomedeepclean_cleaningwindowscreens

    • 60m
    • 3 weeks after
  • 🧹 Clean faucets and tubs

    De-scale faucets / shower heads by removing white calcium buildup with vinegar. Clean out aerators by unscrewing them from faucets and soaking in vinegar or other non-toxic cleaning solution. To keep soap scum and mildew at bay, use Grove Collaborative's Daily Shower cleaner: https://link.joinarrange.com/quarterlyhomedeepclean_showercleaningconcentrate

    • 60m
    • 4 weeks after
  • 🧹 Mop floors and wipe baseboards

    Do a deep clean of your floors by hitting your baseboards as well. Check walls for stains. Grove Collaborative's Floor cleaner concentrate can pick up most common household stains: https://link.joinarrange.com/quarterlyhomedeepclean_floorcleaningconcentrate

    • 60m
    • 5 weeks after
  • 🧹 Wipe down ceiling fans, blinds, dust shelves, and lighting fixtures

    Use a dust attachment to reach tall or hard-to-reach corners of your shelves and ceiling. We like this one from Full Circle: https://link.joinarrange.com/quarterlyhomedeepclean_dusterextension

    • 60m
    • 6 weeks after
  • 🧹 Clean cushions and upholstery

    Vacuum couch cushions and shake out rugs. Spot clean any stains on chair or couch cushions. Using a handheld vaccuum or vacuum extension will make this much easier.

    • 60m
    • 7 weeks after
  • 🧹 Clean your microwave & dishwasher

    Read your dishwasher manual for the best way to clean. Most can be cleaned by running a cycle using baking soda on the bottom and placing a dish of vinegar on the top rack. Use a non-toxic cleaner in your microwave. If your microwave or oven is in bad shape, we like Method's non-toxic degreaser https://link.joinarrange.com/quarterlyhomedeepclean_heavydegreaser

    • 30m
    • 8 weeks after
  • 🧹 Clean bedding & dust under the beds

    Vacuum and rotate mattresses. Wash pillows and dust under beds. Mattresses only need be rotated every other quarter. Same goes for washing your pillows. Consumer Reports explains how: https://link.joinarrange.com/quarterlyhomedeepclean_howtowashpillows

    • 60m
    • 9 weeks after
  • 🧹 Clean out your fridge and organize your cabinets

    Go through your pantry and bathroom cabinets to throw out any expired food or medicines. Combine partially filled containers and wipe down the shelves. Need organizers to keep it all straight? We like these from Utopia Home as they fit in any area of your home: https://link.joinarrange.com/quarterlyhomedeepclean_drawerorganizers

    • 60m
    • 10 weeks after
  • 🧹 Looking for an even deeper clean?

    Subscribe to our 🔧 Home maintenance plan for additional home maintenance and cleaning reminders https://link.joinarrange.com/quarterlyhomedeepclean_homemaintenanceplanreferral

    • 15m
    • 11 weeks after
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