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Remote New Hire Onboarding Plan

12 daysΒ·8
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Prepare Welcome Package

Day 1

Order and prepare a welcome package to be delivered to the new hire's address. Include company swag (t-shirt, mug, etc.), essential documents, and a personalized welcome letter from the CEO.


Setup IT and Accounts

Day 5

Ensure all necessary accounts (email, project management tools, communication platforms) are set up and ready to use. Arrange for any required hardware to be delivered.


First Day: Welcome Meeting

Day 8

Host a virtual welcome meeting with the entire team. Introduce the new hire, share their background and what they’ll be working on. Encourage team members to introduce themselves as well.


One-on-One with Manager

Day 8 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Schedule a one-on-one meeting between the new hire and their direct manager to discuss roles, expectations, and answer any questions.


Virtual Coffee Chats

Day 9

Organize short, informal virtual coffee chats with a few team members each day. This helps build personal connections within the team.


Training Sessions

Day 10

Begin scheduled training sessions to familiarize the new hire with company processes, tools, and policies. Keep sessions interactive and engaging.


First Week Check-In

Day 11

End the week with a check-in meeting to discuss the new hire's first week, gather feedback, and address any concerns or questions they may have.


Social Virtual Event

Day 12

Organize a casual virtual event (e.g., trivia night, online game) to end the first week on a high note and strengthen team bonds.

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