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Arrange is the AI assistant that reads your calendar and helps you plan ahead better. Ask questions about your events, get planning ideas and suggestions, and manage your calendar with ease.

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How it works

1️⃣ Describe what you want to plan

Describe what you’re planning ahead for and Arrange will build your perfect plan in no time. Want something changed? Just ask via chat.

Ai chat bot giving hiking suggestions

2️⃣ Let Arrange figure out what, when and how

Arrange uses AI to research options and generate a series of events for you, complete with ideas, locations, notes and links.

AI chat bot giving hike recommendations

3️⃣ See your plans in your calendar

Your plans in Arrange automatically sync to your calendar, so the info you need is always at your fingertips.

Joshua tree camping trip plan in in the calendar
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Fast to make and easy to follow

Never start from scratch

With Arrange’s AI-powered plan generator, you’ll go from idea to draft in no time.

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All of the inspo, none of the overwhelm

Arrange’s smart recommendations save you hours of endless searching across multiple tabs.

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Ai chat providing research and recommendations around museums in Los Angeles

Envision your plans like never before

See your plans on a single page in list view and calendar view, so you can quickly tell what’s happening when.

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Calendar view of summer date night schedule

Everything you need in one place

Events in Arrange contain all the info you’ll need, so you don’t have to go hunting down links or locations.

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Calendar detail view of dinner event at Eleven Madison Park with location and after dinner activities
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Need planning ideas? We've got you covered

🏜 I’m planning a trip to the national parks in Utah and Arizona. Create a 1-week road trip itinerary for me starting and ending in Las Vegas. Include recommendations for where to visit, blocks for each activity, and holds on my calendar to drive from one location to the next.

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💪 I want to try a new workout routine. Create a 14-day plan of workouts I can do at home in the mornings with no special equipment. Please include a link to a YouTube video that I can follow, and match the workout duration to the video length.

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🥘 I need new meal planning ideas. Suggest a meal plan for next week from Monday to Thursday with holds on my calendar to cook, and include recipes for each meal. Also, add a hold on Sunday to buy groceries, and include a list of all the ingredients I’ll need for the week.

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🚴 I live in the Bay Area and I love to bike on the weekends. Build me a biking plan for the month with holds to bike on Sunday mornings, including a suggestion of the route we should take. Also include a hold afterwards for brunch, and include a nearby restaurant with vegan options.

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🌞 I’ve been in a negative headspace lately and I want to start my day off on a better foot. Add a daily affirmation to my calendar at 7a for the next month. Make the title of the event the affirmation, and include a quote in the details that I can reflect on.

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🌴 I’m going to Santa Monica for a work trip and will have a free day to myself. Create a 1-day itinerary of fun things to do, including boutique shopping, a place to take a walk outdoors, and restaurants with gluten-free options. Include addresses for each location.

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